Cute and unique handmade creations, some of which include

hug-able plushies, wood paintings, painted textiles

and more...made by Nina Curk.


Please enjoy your stay!

Some of my creations and their new owners:


"I comissioned L'il Deathwing as a part of a cosplay I was planning and because of the awesome work Nina did on him, I got recognised allot more.


I'm in love with him and hopefully he can meet his creators at the Blizzard booth during Gamescom."


- Laura



"A treat for lovers of all things creative and crafty! I had a brilliant and friendly experience.


The care and attention to detail was beyond my greatest expectation when I placed and received my Dollpool commission.

Nina will discuss with you exactly what you want and with an artistic flare she will design something for you that is truly unique!  Even after discussing the Dollpool idea I was updated on exciting glimpses of its creation.


It takes time to get a handmade piece such as this and I can truly say it is worth the wait for a piece of art from Nina Curk Illustrations."


- Alex



''Just give some ideas to Nina, she'll give you several drafts and ask you for further guidelines. After the sketches, she makes the designs.


Shirt is comfy to wear, looks great, is awesome, order and payment very discreet and professional handled.''


- Howie




"I can't thank you enough for making Toothless. Although I leave him at home during the week, I can cuddle him in weekends. ^^

It's a stressfull period at the moment and hugging him in my bed makes me feel a bit better. I also feel safer with him when I saw something scarry.😛

So thank you so much again for making me a soft cudly Toothless friend. ^^ "


- Femke



"Nina is very cautious when it comes to designing custom orders. She will ask you multiple questions to find out all details about what you want.


I received several pictures of the making of, and of the end product to make sure it was exactly what I wanted before shipping it.


When she sees possible improvements she will also ask you and add that little bit extra. She isn't afraid to try something new.


My dragon plushie was what I had in mind plus a lot of fun extra's Nina came up with while designing. Of course she asked me first. :)"


- Ann



''I am really impressed from the outcome of the final product.

Nina managed to capture my thoughts and sketches perfectly, design and quality wise.

I am really happy with my plushie.''


- Cos_designs



''You're one giant chunk of talent, Nina. It was a real pelasure doing business with ya.


We always had very clear communication, your pricing is more than fair and boy, this lord Helix is simply TOP quality. Thanks a lot!''


- Tim



"Not only was my final plush adorable and better than I could've hoped, but Nina had amazing communication!


I was shown lots of progress photos and given some other options as to what I wanted. She even went so far as to make my plush's ears pose-able (especially having rabbit ears, they can be so cute when I pose them)!


One of the best plush commission experiences I have ever had!"


- Kelsey



"I probably ordered one of the biggest plushies from you.

It was quite a challenge, but seeing what you've already made I trusted you could do it!


And I was right! The plushie is very soft and cute. Sligthly different from the original design, but that doesn't matter as it is still awesome and you used every detail of the design."


- Lienne



''The shirt is very comfortable to wear, great designs, cute and professionally made. Good service (ordering and receiving after payment).''


- Linda



"Nina wanted to make a gift for me, and she let me choose what she'd made.


I really liked how I could choose every little detail about the pencil case and how much customization there was.


She kept me in touch about progress, and the final product certainly lived up to my expectations!"


- Tim



''Thanks for the extra stickers I got when I ordered this button, it is now guarded by its rightful keeper, and the note included was pretty much the friendliest thing I ever got sent to me, thank you ^^''




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