You're interested in making a plushie? Awesome!


  • The tutorial explains how to make a pony themed plushie but you can apply it to any other plushie too!


Let's start with the basics.

You'll need:


- A pattern

- Fabric

- Needle and thread

- Fiberfill stuffing




When you're just getting into plushie-making, it's best to start with a premade pattern. Both Nina and Marlou started with the Pony pattern by Valleyviolet. (You can buy it here.)



Plushies can be made with all kinds of fabrics. Cotton fabric is a great pick for a first try, as it's very easy to work with.

Nina likes to make plushies out of fleece. It's very soft and available in most fabric stores like . If you're just starting out, you can even cut up fleece blankets. ;)

Marlou prefers using minky (also called cuddle fabric); it's high quality fabric and gives a lovely end result. Minky is more expensive than fleece, and harder to find. Marlou orders it from .



Making plushies is a lot easier and faster with a sewing machine. If you don't have one, you can still make plushies by hand - it will just take you a lot longer!

Even if you have a sewing machine, you'll still need to handsew. Attaching the head to the neck for instance, is something you do by hand.

You'll find plenty of handsewing tutorials online, don't worry! (Try youtube ;)



Stuff your plushies with soft fiberfill or cotton wool. Take great care when stuffing - stuff to shape! If youʼre using a stretchy fabric, be careful not to push too hard and distort your creation.

You'll be surprised how much fiberfill goes into one plushie! You don't want your plush to be understuffed. Experiment with stuffing densities to find out what looks nice and still is cuddly.


Quick tips

- Print your pattern and trace the pieces on the back of the fabric. The back of the fabric is called the 'wrong side' of the fabric, though not all fabrics have a visible back and front.


- Cut out your pattern pieces on cardboard if you're planning on using it a lot. It's a lot easier to trace your pattern that way.


- Learn/make a sphere/ball pattern - is a base for a lot of plushies


- Learn basic stitches - ladder, whip...


- Take your time with stuffing - tear the polyfill into smaller pieces that way your plushie will look smooth


- Most important one: Don't give up if your first plushie looks bad - we've all been there! Just keep going and improving with each stitch ;)




If you decide to give plushie making a try and have any questions along the way feel free to ask! Contact me at and Marlou at

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