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  • First drawings
  • Primary school
  • High school
  • University
  • Moving to the Netherlands
  • Dragon inspiration
  • Exploring different mediums
  • My first plushie
  • My first dragon plushie
  • Commissions and shows
  • My full time job

When I think about how I began in art, I remember using coloured pencils to draw a tiger toy plushie, hiding in the grass. It was not my first drawing, yet it always pops in my head when I think about how I started off.


I started drawing when I was little...Just scribbling like all kids do but it gave me such joy that I stuck with it. People enjoyed it and I guess that was a kind of connection that I could establish with them, considering I am a very shy person.

I went from drawing animals (especially horses) in kindergarten, to spending a lot of time trying to make comic books and manga(s) during my primary school times.


I got kind of addicted to watching cartoons and wishing my world would be filled with such amazing friends, things and creatures as I saw in those cartoons.

As I went through high school I felt like an outcast as there weren't many people that shared my passions of watching cartoons and drawing.


This caused me to start shaping and living in my own world. I enjoyed having the power to imagine and create anything that I could think of.

Going through university and further years I drew inspiration from different games that I used to play during those times especially World of Warcraft.


Trying to include new characters into the world in my mind.

After moving to another country with my dog, I had a  hard time adjusting to the new surroundings.


I developed depression and anxiety but I managed to counter the feeling of being homesick by losing myself in drawings.


With a little help I started discovering and figuring out my own style.

Watching my pets play and do the silly things that pets do, gave me a lot of inspiration for different creatures I created.


My dog was one of my biggest inspirations for the cute little dragons that I keep drawing all the time.


After she passed away and I felt a bit lonely, I would just draw another dragon, bringing back all those lovely times in my life that I shared with her, making me feel better.

After many years of drawing I started to get interested in working with other materials and channelling my creativity into new physical objects.


The first of these was a keychain dragon. I felt like I brought my little dragon to life and it gave me such a huge and unexplainable feeling of joy.

I made my first hand sewn plushie in March 2013. A friend challenged me to make a pony plushie and I just couldn’t resist giving it a try.


After a long trial and error my first plushie - Derpy from My Little Pony was finished!


I fell in love with the process and the positive reactions from the Pony community which kept me going further and accepting more challenges in form of commissions.

Soon after, in October, I was able to hug my first dragon - Manu!


He was meant to be a prototype for my dragon pattern and later taken apart to experiment further but I loved him so much I decided to keep him.


He is far from perfect (paint from one eye was too liquid and bleed out) but he holds a special place in my heart. He became my trusted travelling companion dragon. :)

A lot of new interesting and challenging commissions came along as well as Convetions/shows.


I must admit, it was a terrifying experience at first, but I loved being part of it!

Besides Dragons' Garden, I found a full time job in a super awesome company - Ultimaker.

It opened my world to 3D printing.


I am still trying to learn 3D modelling so I can turn my creations into models and print them out. :)

I started creating art because it motivates and challenges me. I enter a different mind set while creating... I feel completely relaxed and free of stress or any anxiety.


If my mind is filled with a million things or completely empty, getting lost in the moment while creating art is liberating beyond anything else I have experienced.


Thank you for reading! I hope you feel inspired!



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